DIET MEAL REPLACEMENT APPLICATION Real Life Active Diet Meal Replacement dietary meal replacement’s special formulation will help in supplying the body with much needed macro and micro nutrients whilst curbing hunger cravings and help stabilize blood sugar. Real Life Active Diet Meal Replacement has been specially formulated with low GI Carbohydrates (Palatinose) and 6g Protein to form an ideal low GI meal replacement with Patented Fibre (Luralean) for high quality fibre and a MCT oil for energy. Real Life Active Diet Meal Replacement contains Chromium Picolinate to help curb cravings and stabilize blood sugar. DIET MEAL REPLACEMENT BENEFITS
  1. Satiety Effect - Feeling Full
  2. Suppress Hunger and Cravings
  3. Helps Stabilize Blood Sugar
  4. Sustained Energy Release
  5. Source of Fibre
DIRECTIONS FOR USE Add 2 x Rounded Scoops = 30g to 200ml of water and SHAKE WELL. You may add more water to taste. Take Real Life Active Diet Meal as a meal or snack substitute. USE FOR: Snack or Meal Replacement